BSP takes action against encroachers and land mafia

Executes decree passed on 07/10/2022 by Estate Court

Bhilai, Nov 17: Some illegal occupants identified as Shakeel Ahmed, Pyaru, Mohd Qureshi and Vandana Puranik had captured BSP land and made illegal construction in front of Higher Secondary School Ruabandha. Illegal occupation / construction have been done on the land. The Enforcement Section of the Town Administration Department was authorized to execute the decree passed by the Estate Court and take action against the illegal occupants.

In compliance with the order of the Estate Court, The Enforcement Squad of BSP on October 20, 2022 had visited the site along with the Executive Magistrate, Police Force and Municipal Corporation team for action. As the illegal occupants sought a time of 10 days citing the reason for the Diwali festival, the Enforcement Squad returned that day.

On Thursday, the eviction proceedings against the illegal occupants were conducted by the team of Enforcement Section (at 11.30 am) in the presence of Policemen of Kotwali Police Station and Executive Magistrate Satyendra Shukla. As per the decree order, the encroachment / construction on the BSP land by 03 illegal occupants were sealed in the condition as it is. Action has not been taken due to a pending case at High Court filed by other occupant Mohammad Qureshi. Any kind of goods / items was not seized during the proceedings and a Panchnama of the proceedings was prepared as per the rules.

The action to remove the illegal encroachment on the land was done after marking the land as per the records. Some illegal encroachers tried to interrupt the eviction proceedings but the police force managed to control the situation.

About 70 officers of Enforcement Section, Land Section and Civil Services personnel conducted the proceedings. Action against land mafia and illegal occupants will continue in future as well.

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