Brahman Samaj stages demonstration, perform yajna

Bhilai, Sep 08: On Wednesday, the members of Brahman Samaj staged day long demonstration at Nehru Nagar Square and condemned the Chief Minister’s father Nand Kumar Baghel for making derogatory statement against the Brahmins. They performed yajna and prayed to the god for providing wisdom to Nand Kumar Baghel.
RSS Provincial Samarsata Pramukh Kaushalendra Pratap Singh said that the objectionable statements made by Nandkumar Baghel in UP are not surprising as he keeps on giving such statements in Chhattisgarh very often. Strict action should be taken against those who insult Sanatan Dharma including Brahmin society.
Acharya Pandit Vinod Choubey of Brahmin Samaj said that the Brahmins have showed their generosity for Akhand Bharat, for the entire society, for the welfare of caste and creed community. From Bajirao Peshwa to Mangal Pandey, all have made their supreme sacrifices for Maa Bharti. In such a situation, Nandkumar Baghel’s statement of expelling Brahmins from India is not only ridiculous but also condemnable.
Amit Mishra, who sat on Anshan on behalf of the Brahman Samaj, said that such statements by Nandkumar Baghel are spreading anarchy and hatred in the society. He hurt the Brahman Samaj as well as the entire Hindu society.
Young poet Harekrishna Pandey also observed fast and said that the poison of inferiority is being mixed in the society in such a way which is fatal for the entire nation. All sections of the society extended support to the demonstration.
Brahman Samaj has warned that if Nandkumar Baghel does not apologize within 15 days, they will resort to aggressive agitation.
RSS leader Kaushalendra Pratap Singh, former MLA (Patan) Kailash Sharma, Amit Mishra, Pandit Vinod Choubey, Anil Mishra, Umesh Pandey, Vijay Jaiswal, Tugendra Singh, Vicky Sharma, Advocate Sanjay Shukla, Hare Krishna Pandey, Mordhwaj Verma, Ashish Dubey, Satish Dubey, Pandit Arun Mishra, Pandit Nand Kishore Pandey, Pandit Surendra Gautam Shastri, Pandit Nandu Dwivedi, Pandit Nanhe Dubey, Jayant Sharma and others were present.

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