BMC wages war on people without mask, 251 people pay penalty

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Bhilai, Mar 17: To prevent corona virus infection from spreading any further, it is necessary to use a face mask, despite this people are not wearing masks in violation of the rule. A mask checking campaign is being carried out by Bhilai Municipal Corporation and action is being taken against such people.
As part of the campaign, penalty is being imposed on such people found caught moving around on roads or public places without masks. The campaign is being run at various squares, Crossroads and Market areas.
Teams have been constituted to move around in the morning and evening i.e. two shifts who are taking action against the people who not following the corona guidelines.
On Wednesday in its action, the corporation team collected a fine of Rs 32350 from 251 people till evening. All those caught have been warned of legal action if caught again without a mask.
On not having the money to pay the fine, the people were made to do sit ups and cautioned that next time when they move out of their houses they should use the mask.
Here it needs a mention that in order to prevent the spread of corona virus infection in Bhilai Corporation area, Bhilai Commissioner Rituraj Raghuvanshi has directed to take strict action against the violators. He also has asked the teams constituted to also tell the people on how to wear masks covering the nose and mouth properly.
The teams formed for the mask checking campaign are moving around in the market area, public places and high-traffic areas Deputy commissioner Ashok Dwivedi informed that under the mask checking campaign, penalty is being collected from those who are walking, or are on bicycle, two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles but are without a mask.

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