Bhilai’s Universal Rail Mill creates yet another Record

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Bhilai, Aug 28: SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant’s Universal Rail Mill (URM) recorded it’s highest daily prime rail production of 2561 T in R260 grade & 60E1 profile on August 27, 2021, surpassing the previous best records of 2518 Tonnes and 2510 T in same grade & profile on August 24, 2021 and August 9, 2021, respectively.
Best ever shift record was also set by URM on August 27, 2021 for rolling of 130 metre rails. As many as 106 pieces of 130 metre rails were rolled in A shift. It is worth mentioning that Universal Rail Mill that rolls out the world’s longest 130 metre rails in single piece.
The best ever day prime tonnage has been achieved with combined efforts put in by the entire team including URM, RCL, RITES, SMS-2 and SMS-3, Traffic and all other associated Departments for the best ever day prime tonnage.
SAIL-Bhilai has making required changes in its processes to meet stringent technical specifications of the Indian Railways and cater to their changing needs. Producing world class quality rails for Indian Railways for over six decades as per desired specifications of grade, quality, profile and length, SAIL-Bhilai is now rolling out a new grade of rails (R 260) with 60E1 profile as per requirement of Indian Railways. This new R260 grade of rails with 60E1 profile is more suitable for higher speed and higher axle load.
While the new micro-alloyed special grade steel is produced in Plant’s modern Steel Melting Shop 3, the new R260 grade of rails is being rolled out from both the modern Universal Rail Mill as well as from the Plant’s older Rail & Structural Mill.
Indian Railways has been moving towards higher speed and axle load rails for which it required SAIL to produce this new micro-alloyed steel to provide higher yield strength to rails. The higher strength of this new R260 grade of rails will enable Indian Railways to withstand more rigorous rail traffic and also achieve better life. The new grade and profile of rails is being supplied to Indian Railways in the form of 260 meter long welded panels.

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