Balco wins NAMC gold medal 2019-20

Balconagar, Feb 25:
Bharat Aluminium Company (Balco) of Vedanta Group has been presented with gold medal by prestigious National Award of Manufacturing Competitiveness (NAMC) 2019-20 through a virtual programme held last on Feb 13, 2021. This was received by CEO and Director Balco Abhijit Pati. This award has been presented to Balco for its best management in strategic reduction in investment cost, production of value based metal, capacity expansion, availability of coal, on leadership front.
Extending greetings to Balco family on receiving this award, CEO Abhijit Pati said that the commercial environment is fast changing. In the field of world’s second largest important metal manufacturing, Balco is functional for last five decades. Balco by contributing in making country self-sufficient in Aluminium production has carved special identity of itself on international map. Presently Balco is producing 15% of total Aluminium production in the country and it is using the world-level management and working and through top quality value added products, the institution has given new heights to Aluminium product.
Seeing the global competition in the Aluminium sector, Balco is lased with GPS monitoring system for material loading.
Apart from this by using sustainability mobile app, Smart AI system in working; data based analytics and other modern technology, Balco is moving ahead with confidence to achieve its business goals and targets. International Research Institute for Manufacturing (IRIM) established NAMC in 2013 and in this award scheme, the company’s non-traditional working system and strategies in the field of its management are reviewed.
The board of jury members identifies such production units which have done exemplary works adhering to world-class production procedures and standards laid thereof.

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