Arousing welcome meets Manhare

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Arang, Sep 15: Vedram Manhare, was given a grand welcome, by party workers, on his maiden visit to the State capital, after joining Bhartiya Janta Party, along with 10 of his followers, in New Delhi, in the presence of BJP State In-charge D Purandeswari. Hundreds of party workers, welcomed the convoy and it was given an arousing welcome along the stretch of Mandirhasaud, Arang, Samoda towards Kharora.
After Manhare joining the BJP, Arang constituency, also the biggest Vidhan Sabha constituency of the State, has turned to beckon a power-war, as the region belongs to another political stalwart Dr. SK Daharia of the Indian National Congress. A prominent leader of the politically strong Satnami Samaj, Manhare, here has bid a strong opposition to his rivals in the coming times, as he has a strong grass-root level connection with the region.
It needs a recalling here that Manhare was a prominent bidder of Arang constituency seat for Vidhan Sabha Elections of 2018, but the seat was given to Dr. SK Daharia by Congress, owing to which the leader was going discontent. He asserted that after joining BJP, he feels honoured, as for the last 30 years into the Congress, he was being neglected from time to time.
Expressing his happiness over serving the region through the core policies of the saffron party, Mnahare has expressed gratitude towards BJP State In-charge D Purandareswari, Ex-Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, Nand Kumar Sai and Vishnu Deo Sai.

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