Akanksha cracks State PSC securing 15th rank

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Pandaria, Sep 21: Akanksha Pandey of Vananchal village Kodavagodan, located in the last end of Pandariya-Block, has been selected in CGPSC for the post of Deputy Collector, with rank 15 in the merit list. Suffering from hearing impairment, Akanksha has achieved this success by sheer determination and fighting odds.
A graduate from Bilaspur Science College, Akankha took a short term coaching for the elite exams, and cleared it in the first attempt itself. Describing her feat, the future Civil Servant said, that she had to struggle enough due to her disability, but she never gave up, and accepted it as a challenge and kept on preparing continuously.
Regardless of lack of physical support or lack of facilities, always focusing on the goal gives success, she said, clarifying only sowing of seeds does not produce fruit. Fruits require sunlight and nutrition too. And for her the Almighty was sunshine, parents land, and everyone’s cooperation to her journey was manure and water.
The village Kodavagodan, from where Akanksha hails, lacks many facilities, and even today there is no proper road to reach this village. The village can be reached from two sides, but from both the sides, the road of about one kilometer stretch is in a very poor condition. Electricity too came, very late in the village and when it came, there is a continuous hide and seek play, as villager’s report of electricity breakdown very often. Meanwhile as a middle and higher school student of the same village, Akanksha too led her studies under the age old lantern, to manage this success of today. The entire region, is happy about Akanksha’s success and people are pouring in to congratulate her and her parents.

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