19-year-old girl gives 10% of profits to destitute children

Singh Painkra

Bijapur, Mar 03: The month of March known for many works like income tax return, ledger correction, closing opening of accounts for ending the financial year, but the Sarsan family of Bhopalpatnam compute ten percent of their total year-end earnings on the first date of March and distribute the amount to destitute children.
Mona Sirson, Director of Mona Dhaba Bhopalpatnam, located in Maharashtra Telangana border, 50 km from the district headquarters, says that this sequence has been going on for the last three years. Mona Sirson said that the problem that comes due to the absence of a father in the family is better known to them than anyone else. She added, after the passing of her father Venkateshar, the relatives turned their faces. Mother Padma Sirson and brother Jeevan Sirson and she decided that when the conditions are better, they will definitely help the destitute children. Mother Padma told that Mona is 19- year-old but her will power and determination and perseverance and hard work inspired all of us to do something good. In a simple ceremony held in Mona Dhaba on March 1, Basant, father Late Chinna Kursam Poushanpalli, Lakshmi Mandavi and Pintu of Kosa Para were supported with 10 percent of the year’s profit.
On this occasion there was presence of enlightened people of the city. Everyone appreciated the work done by Mona Sirson and her family.

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