11 Naxalites surrender under Police ‘Poona Narkom’ campaign

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Konta, Sep 24: Sundarraj P. Inspector General of Police (IG), Bastar Range Jagdalpur and Rajiv Kumar Thakur in District Sukma, under the guidance of Deputy Inspector General (Operations Konta Range) and Sunil Sharma Superintendent of Police Sukma, J.P. under the direction of Balai Commandant 212 Corps CRPF, 11 Naxalites belonging to the banned Naxal organization surrendered with weapons being influenced by the promotion of rehabilitation policy of Chhattisgarh Government and the “Puna Narkom Campaign” run by Sukma Police. Frustrated by the atrocities and discrimination by outside Naxalites and violence on local tribals,
11 Naxalites respectively and their names are as follows:
1. Medium Hinga Pita Deva (Naxal Member, Intelligence Branch); 2. Madkam Hadma Pita Deva (Naxal member); 3. Muchaki Sukda Father Singa (Naxal member); 4.Midyam Ganga Pita Deva (Naxal member); 5. Madvi Mudraj father Dula (Naxal member); 6. Sodi Magandu Pita Hunga (Naxal member); 7. Medium Nanda Father Bhima (Doctor Committee Member Bhattiguda RPC); 8. Medium Hadma Father Hurra (CNM Member Bhattiguda RPC);9. Madkam Budri Pati Bhima (KAMS member Bhattiguda RPC); 10. Sodi Muka Pita Hunga (Militia Member), 11. Medium Deve Pati Malla (Militia Member).
It was in the presence of Rajeev Kumar Thakur, Deputy Inspector General (Operations Konta Range CRPF), J.P. Balai Commandant 212 Corps CRPF, P.K. Sahu 2IC 212 Corps CRPF, Sachindra Choubey Additional Superintendent of Police Konta, Parakh Rajvanshi 212 Corps CRPF, Vishwavilash Maloth 212 Corps CRPF and Pankaj Kumar Patel that above 11 Naxalites surrendered without arms before Police Sub-Divisional Officer, Maraiguda District Sukma. 212 Corps CRPF has made a special contribution in encouraging the above Naxalites to surrender, all the surrendered Naxalites will be provided assistance and other facilities under the rehabilitation policy of the state government.

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