Woman looted of jewellery worth Rs 2.50 lakh

Raipur, Aug 29: A woman in Dangania area was looted of her jewellery in broad daylight in city. Deepak Sonkar, one of the relative of the woman Saraswati Sonkar informed that this incident is that of 3:00 pm, when his sister-in-law was going along with her niece for Medical work, when two youths all of sudden came to her and started discussing and putting them in conversation, took out the jewellery worth around Rs 2.50 lakhs. It is taking control of entire situation and using some tricks the two youths reportedly looted the woman of all her jewellery and sent the woman back to medical. The victim has filed complaint and FIR with DD Nagar Thana. Deepak informed that his elder brother is having a motorcycle repair shop. The police has lodged a complaint and till the writing of this case, no FIR was lodged and the matter was yet to be taken into investigation.

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