Successfull heart tower surgery done on 65-year old patient

Raipur, Feb 04: Cardiologist Dr. Kamal Kant Adele of Sri Sankalp Superspeciality Hospital gave a new life to the 65-year-old patient of Arang by implanting a new valve in the heart of the patient suffering from aortic stenosis. In this type of disease, the valve of the patient is completely damaged due to which the nerves get contracted and it starts to increase, due to which the pressure on the pumping nerves also starts to shrink.
So far, only three operations have been done in Chhattisgarh of this type of disease, now the name of Shri Sankalp Superspeciality Hospital of Raipur has also been included in the list of those hospitals. Cardiologist Dr. Kamal Kant Adele of Sri Sankalp Superspeciality Hospital and his team successfuly performed this major surgery. Sharing this information with media personnel at the press conference, Dr. Kamalakant said that one of the four valves in the heart of 65-year-old Bansilal Banjara, a resident of Arang, had narrowed. Due to which the pressure on the pumping veins increased, due to which they were unable to pump the blood as much as they could. Because of this, the patient was having difficulties in breathing. He said that this type of surgery is done either by open heart surgery or through tower (Transcatheter aortic valve replacement). In open heart surgery this type of operation is very risky for the patient, making a threat to the life of the patients. Especially patients who suffer from heart as well as other diseases. He said that Bansilal also has kidney disease along with heart. Due to this, his valve was replaced by a tower (Transcatheter aortic valve replacement). Dr. Kamal Kant said that this procedure is done without the incision in which the valve is moved inside the vein and transplanted in place of the valve which has been damaged. This operation is completely safe, especially in patients who have other illnesses as the chances of infection are almost negligible and the patient returns homeafter being healthy in four to five days. Dr. Shailendra Upadhyay, Director, Sri Sankalp Superspeciality Hospital, Dr. CM Singh and Dr. Varsha Jhanwar along with Dr. Kamal Kant were present.

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