Nearly Rs 1621.67 cr collected as Registration Revenue in 2020 despite COVID crisis

Raipur, Feb 06: Despite the COVID crisis, there has been registration revenue collection of nearly Rs 1621.67 crores in Chhattisgarh. Revenue collected in year 2020 is 23.28% more than the revenue collection of year 2019. In the current fiscal year till January 31, one lakh 82 thousand documents have been registered, as a result of which revenue of Rs 1087.19 crore has been collected as stamp and registration fee.
In the interest of common people, State Government has lifted the ban on sale-purchase of small land-plots. Subsequently, the number of document registrations for transaction of small land plots has nearly doubled in last two years. In these two years, nearly one lakh 86 thousan 423 small plots of land have been registered. State Government’s decision of reducing guideline rate by 30% has largely benefited the common people. Reduction in guideline rate of property and liberty to sell-purchase small plots of land has made it easier for people of middle class to buy houses and other immovable assets.
State government is providing a concession of two percent in the rate of registration fee for deeds related to the sale of houses and buildings up to Rs 75 lakh, from August 2019, which has been continued in financial year 2020-21 as well. During the registration of 17 thousand 112 documents in the last one and a half years, 2 percent concession has been given in the registration of residential buildings. To save parties from the inconvenience and to ensure that the registration work runs smoothly and systematically, he e-registry procedure has been simplified for the purchase and sale of properties in Chhattisgarh and an additional network facility has been provided to address the network problem. In the wake of COVID-19 prevention, provision of online appointment (slot booking) was made and the registration work was conducted in proper order, while adhering to the safety measures such as social distancing in the registration offices. This facility has also been made available through the mobile app. Despite the limited number of tokens supplied daily for the protection of the parties, 2 lakh 8 thousand 63 documents were registered in the year 2020, which is almost equal to the number of documents registered in the year 2019. Swipe machines were also made available for online payment facility, so as to ensure minimal cash transactions in the registration offices are minimized. Proper arrangement has been made for sale of e-stamps through 12 centres, more than 500 public service centers and more than 2002 vendors.

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