Incurable diseases can also be treated with positive thinking: Uikey

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Raipur, Aug 26: Positive thinking gives energy to the mind and cures incurable diseases. Interacting with the patients suffering from infection during the Corona period, provided them mental strength, which reduced the need for them to go to the hospital and they became healthy in isolation. This was stated by Governor Ms. Anusuiya Uikey during the inaugural function of Chhattisgarh Mental Health Council. She virtuallly launched the Chhattisgarh Chapter of Mental Health Council. Women Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries organized this webinar. The Governor said that the subject of mental health is very important in today’s circumstances. For this, he will also write a letter to the Vice-Chancellors to start courses in all universities, colleges. He said that due to the lockdown during the Corona period, children are not able to go to school and due to arrangements like Work from Home, common people have to work from home.
Due to all these circumstances, one has to go through a state of mental stress. This condition is visible in women, men, children and the elderly also. Today, there is a need to do the most work on mental health. She said that for the treatment of mental diseases in rural areas, due to superstitions, they resort to dusting. Counseling camps should be organised specially for them. She said that people go to the doctor when they are physically unwell, but do not accept the fact that they are mentally unwell and do not want to go to a psychiatric specialist for their treatment. In order to create awareness about mental health, it is first necessary that we accept it. Even today a large number of people in the society are not aware about mental health. She said that as soon as the lockdown was imposed in March 2020, the world had come to a complete standstill. We had never imagined a life of isolation and quarantine. All of these have had a huge impact on mental health. She said that the women who manage their home, which we usually call all housewives, those women are the biggest victims of mental illness. Also, hardly any organization has organized such events on behalf of these women, which your organisation is doing.
In such a situation, there is a large section of women in front of us who have to fulfill the responsibilities of their work area as well as the responsibilities of the house. It can be said that these women have to walk in two boats. She said that being a woman, I can very well understand how challenging it is to fulfill this dual responsibility. I also know how many mental struggles such women with dual responsibilities have to face. By locating such women, if tips are given and explained to them by your organization to stay mentally healthy, then it will be a very good work. Make a special action plan for such women. There are a large number of women in our village area who also work on agriculture and take care of household arrangements. It is also necessary to reach them. On this occasion, Dr. Harbin Arora, Dr. Soumya Goyal, Dr. JC Ajwani and Dr. Varsha Varwandkar, including psychiatrists, educationists, students of the country and the state were virtually connected in the webinar.

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