Farmers elated by arrangements in PPC’s

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Bilaspur, Dec 17: There is a lot of enthusiasm among the farmers of the district regarding the purchase of paddy at support price starting from December 1and farmers who came to sell paddy in paddy procurement centers say that great arrangements have been made for the purchase of paddy, due to which there is no problem in selling paddy.
Thanking the government, the farmers said the freedom from moneylenders by getting reasonable price of paddy, is commendable. Sanjay Kumar Kashyap , a farmer of village Garhwat, who came to sell paddy at the support price at Akaltari Paddy Purchase Center, has got 34 quintals of paddy token cut. Now we don’t need to take interest from moneylenders, the token system made for the purchase of paddy is excellent, he said.
The farmers, who came to sell paddy from village Choraha Deori, appeared satisfied with the arrangement of paddy procurement in Shri Rajendra Chauhan committee. He told that there was no problem in getting the token here,and he has got 50 quintal paddy token cut. Bhagwat Prasad, a farmer of village Garhwat, has harvested 62 quintals of paddy token, and satisfied with the arrangement of paddy procurement; Mr. Prasad said that he has got relief from the purchase of paddy on support price.
He said that due to timely receipt of installments of Rajiv Gandhi Nyay Yojana, farming is getting easier. In Akaltari Paddy Purchase Center, farmers of Akaltari, Garhwat and Choraha Deori villages come to sell their paddy at support price. The manager of the committee told that 789 farmers are registered here. The registered area of paddy is 878 hectares. Since December 01, 9937.20 quintals of paddy has been procured from 251 farmers here.

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