Construction sites near road causing severe problems

By Himanshu Sori

Raipur, July 31: Construction sites on Raipur city near the road-side have been an increasing source of concern for residents, as once smooth flowing traffic now encounters a variety of problems and endangers safety. The continuing construction projects have caused substantial disruptions, which has irritated commuters and local businesses around the city including Bhatagaon, Tatibandh, Pachpedi and among others. Anand Sharma, a shop owner near one of the construction sites stated that “one of the most serious challenges caused by these ongoing constructions is traffic congestion and it is affecting my shop because the road has been completely blocked, which is causing less number of customers”. He also stated that these constructions have been going on for months and now has slowed down due to the monsoon season.

Many roads are partially or totally blocked, resulting in long traffic jam and air pollution during peak hours. The combination of heavy rainfall and ongoing construction has led to various problems, ranging from traffic congestion to safety hazards. One of the major difficulties that commuters confront is the increasing traffic congestion created by the construction sites.

Construction materials, vehicles, and employees further constrict already narrow roadways, causing significant delays and frustration for the commuters and pedestrians. Furthermore, the collection of rainwater in these construction sites’ excavated regions has caused safety issues. Pools of stagnant water serve as mosquito breeding grounds, increasing the risk of harmful diseases such as dengue and malaria.

Furthermore, the muddy and uneven terrain near the surrounding sites represents an elevated risk to pedestrians, resulting in an alarming increase in accidents and injuries. The authorities should provide strategies that can withstand these concerns. It should include covering of construction areas, improving drainage systems, and adopting specialized techniques to ensure the durability of the roads.

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