Committee suggests imposing ban on liquor step-by-step

Raipur, Sep 29:

Discussions were held among the members of social organisations formed to discuss about the strategy and future outcome of imposing complete ban on sale of liquor in the state. In the meeting held at commercial tax building in Nava Raipur, the public representatives of social organisations put forth their views on public awareness campaign, de-addiction campaign and other issues. Majority of social reps expressed consent for cent percent ban on sale of liquor and said that it cannot be introduced in just one day. The Committees formed to study about the measures taken by different states before imposing complete ban on sale of liquor and the policies taken also expressed its consent for going on tour to states declared as ‘dry-state’.
In the first meeting of social organisations for liquor ban on state, the heads of samaj said that in view of socio-economic and family needs and health of the people of the state, complete ban on sale of liquor is required. But introducing ‘dry-state’ from next day is not possible, as those habitual of liquor consumption can face health- related problems. On top of it, with supply of illicit and spurious liquor, it may pose threat to their life as well. So it is considering into all aspects that initiatives should be taken to impose liquor ban in state. In the social organisations meeting, due emphasis was laid on analysis of reasons and facts on states declared as ‘dry-state’ (complete ban of liquor) and the states where it was re-started after imposing of ban. In the meeting, social representatives said that intoxication or liquor consumption has sort of become a fashion among the younger generation and youths are falling prey to use of prohibitory drugs, medicines, and other sources viz. ‘Gutka’, ‘Tobacco’ and others and on which there is need to impose complete ban first.
Heads of Samaj giving suggestions said that moving ahead on decision of complete ban on sale of liquor, first the timings of liquor shops in selected few areas should be reduced. Apart from this, the Excise rules should be strictly adhered and the people violating law & order should face strict action. It is notable here that in order to take decision on liquor ban in state, a combined committee of heads of Society, politicians and administrative committee has been made. These representatives have been given responsibility to study about the reasons and its effect on ban on liquor in states and the state where it was re-started after imposing of ban. Meeting was attended by Upper Commissioner Rakesh Mandavi, Raisingh Thakur, Nodal officers of three Committees- Rajiv Kumar Jha and other concerned officers.
Pilot project of liquor ban in Balrampur
Secretary Excise Deptt Niranjan Das in the meeting informed that the state government has so far closed down 50 liquor shops. In addition to this FL-2 licence has also being closed. There is not a single beer bar functional in the state. Similarly the FL-3 licence procedure too has been made tough and in this only provision to issue licences to ‘star’-rated hotels. He informed that a massive public awareness campaign is going on ban on sale of liquor in the state. It is by connecting women with de-addiction campaign that people are being made aware of harmful effects of liquor consumption. He informed that the state government moving in this direction has started pilot project on liquor ban in Balrampur district of the state and here there is cent percent ban on sale of liquor. In Balrampur, only five IMFL liquor shops are functional and slowly there is strategy to close it down one-by-one. It is after studying the effects of ban on liquor here that it will be imposed in other districts of the state.

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