Ch’garh again witnesses change in weather

Raipur, Apr 08
With change in weather pattern in Chhattisgarh for the last few days the sky again turned cloudy and light rains accompanied with strong winds lashed some parts of the state since Friday evening. The change in weather has been attributed to moisture incursion taking place over Chhattisgarh in lower level and trough/wind discontinuity from central Madhya Pradesh to south Tamil Nadu at 0.9 km above mean sea level.
The change in weather, however, brought the mercury down, giving much-needed relief to the people. Similar weather is likely to prevail across the state for the next two to three days with chances of thunderstorms and light rains at some places. The sky remained cloudy in the Raipur since morning amid blowing of light cold winds. It also drizzled at some places in the morning.
This year the month of March remained cooler. Normally, the maximum temperature in the month of March used to cross 40 degree Celsius but this year the maximum temperature in March was recorded at 37.1 degree Celsius which was also normal.
Similarly, in the last eight days of April, the state received 236 percent more rainfall than normal. So far, 45.6 mm of rainfall has been recorded across the state, while normally 13.6 mm of rainfall was to be received in these eight days. Thus, there has been 236 percent more rainfall in the eight days of April. The weather pattern has remained like this in the state for almost a fortnight with sky remaining partly cloudy in the afternoon with light rain in the late evening.

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