CAIT CG Chapter organised workshop on cybercrime

In association with police department

Raipur, Apr 09: National Senior Vice President of Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) Amar Parwani, Chairman Mangelal Malu, Amar Gidwani, State President Jitendra Doshi, Working President Vikram Singhdeo, Parmanand Jain, Vashu Makhija, General Secretary Surinder Singh, Working General Secretary Bharat Jain and Treasurer Ajay Agarwal said that CAIT CG Chapter under the joint aegis of the police department, a workshop on cybercrime was held at CAIT state office Raipur. Addressing the function Mr. Rohit Malekar, Inspector, Anti-Crime/Cyber, Unit Raipur informed that the cases of cyber crime and online fraud are increasing day by day in India. And due to lack of information, people fall prey to it. They are unable to do anything. You must have heard about cybercrime, but do you know what cybercrime is. And how to avoid it. When internet would have been developed then no one would have thought that it would be misused in future and it is needless to say that now whatever crimes are committed in cyber space are through internet. They are called cyber crime. It got its start because of its anonymous nature. Cybercrime is a crime in which computers are used to commit online crimes (hacking, spamming, phishing). Since hackers use computers to commit cyber crimes. You must have also seen that fake version of any product comes in the market before its original. Many types of crimes are also committed in the computer which includes Spamming, Phishing, Hacking, Information Theft, Virus Spreading, Software Piracy, Fake Bank Call, Rumor Spreading, Cyber Bullying, Information Erasure, Tampering, etc. National Senior Vice President of CAIT Mr. Amar Parwani and State President Mr. Jitendra Doshi said that it is necessary for traders to be aware to avoid cybercrime. Traders should avoid any kind of reward, loan offers, fake calls etc. Transactions should not be done with unknown persons. To avoid cybercrime, we should be aware and make all the traders aware.

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