Basant Panchami celebrated with religious fervour

Sipat, Feb 19: Festival of ‘Basant Panchami’ was observed with great religious fervour and gaiety.
The utsav began with prayers to Goddess Saraswati. Director of Computer Technology Institute Dev Kumar Nirnejak said that Basant signifies arrival of ‘Rituraj Basant’ and it is considered to be king of all the seasons (ritus).
It is on occasion of Basant Panchami that children are informed about offering of prayers to Goddess Sarasawti considered to be Goddess of education and learning and are asked to adopt good education, culture and human values. On this occasion all students of the School offered prayers to Goddess Saraswati and the Goddess was offered ‘ber’, flower of Mango, aromatic flowers and ‘srifal’, sweets, ‘jalebi’, ‘Boondi’, ‘Ilaychi dhana’ as ‘prasad’ and then prayers were offered. On this occasion students presented their poems and write-ups, songs and others.
In the end all the children were presented with sweets, ‘prasad’. On this occasion DK Narnejak; Aansh Nirnejak; Prabhakar Dheewar, Pawan Nikhil; Nand Patel; Vikas Baiga; Roshan Kurre; Bhuneswar, Shankar, Rakesh Rajak and others were

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