‘Arrest of criminal youth brings respite to denizens of city’

Rajesh Soni
Surajpur, Mar 06: Surajpur police finally nabbed a youth with country revolver on Wednesday who has become synonymous to crime and violence in city and sent him to jail. This youth living near the Bus Stand had become terror for denizens of city and for this not only the citizens, but the police is also equally responsible!
But there are hardly any doubts in the mind of people that the police in the district is perhaps the most ineffective and have dare to show its dominance and ensure law & order in district. This can be understood from the fact that the same youth who not only entered the thana about one & half years back and torn off the uniform of TI inside the Thana in Pratappur. The same police lased with weapons and force remained silent spectator and none tried to stop this goon or take action against him.
So this definitely acted as an incident to boost morale of goons and it was irony on part of Captain that instead of taking action against the criminal he tried to save his skin by transferring the TI.
The denizens of city know about the youth and his family and all their limits. So long as it is question of the police, then if the commission and bribery would not have been a matter of concern and with no limit for such activities, then this is what is going to be the outcome. This youth arrested is having a business which needs police protection and in lieu of which the police, supposed to be vanguard of law & order remains mute spectator every month in front of this criminal as they at the receiving end and then how they can take any action against him?
The terror and violence on part of this criminal youth was such that he had not only misbehaved with the TI inside the thana, but had even entered with clashes and beating in Navapara, paying ‘supari’ to beat journalists not once but twice; beating Gondwana District supremo and visit of common men to bus stand has just become impossible are some of the illegal activities known to all and perhaps police as well.
This bus stand is just at a short distance from Police Station and still there is no threat of police against him. Recently a player from Mahgava was injured with a knife in the stadium when he was playing and when complaint was lodged, the police filed minor case and freed him later. This youth moved along with country revolver in search of others with whom he had entered into controversy and this resulted in lot of controversy.
Somehow it was last on Wednesday that the police finally woke upto its call and arrested this criminal youth under Arms Act. But the question is why it took so long for the police to arrest him and why they failed to pressurise to put him behind bar or rather it was other way around that the youth was more dominant on them!
On top of all this with this criminal being freed due to lack of proper or firm evidence, is also more or less some game-plan on part of police to make the case so weak that he gets bail easily. So if this remains the morale and courage of district police, then such goons and anti-social would continue to remain dominant and pose threat to lives of common men. So this remains to be seen as to how long this criminal youth remains behind bar and how long the police is able to keep its true values and ethics, so as to maintain normal law & order and ensure peaceful lives for all in the

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