‘Jairam Ramesh hails achievements of Ch’garh govt’

Raipur, Jul 04: In the virtual meeting of AICC’s Election Manifesto Implementation Committee (EMIC), CM Bhupesh Baghel received huge praise from its members for successful implementation of promises made as per party’s manifesto for public welfare works including benefit in some form or the other to 52 lakh families out of total 62 lakh with direct fund transfer. They said that despite many hassles faced, the Chhattisgarh government under leadership of CM Bhupesh Baghel continued its public welfare policies on top priority and ensured its good implementation. The Committee on implementation of party’s election manifesto promises made not only expressed satisfation on the achievements of CM Bhupesh Baghel’s government, but also was full praise for it working and implementation as well.
Meeting of AICC Election Manifesto Implementation Committee (EMIC) was held through video-conferencing. In this meeting the President – former Union Minister- Jairam Ramesh, PCC State in-Charge PL Punia, AICC communication’s head Randeep Singh Surjewala and PCC President Mohan Markam were present.
In the beginning of the meeting, PCC state in-Charge PL Punia informed Committee members that the term of state government is for five years, but the Chhattisgarh government has not even completed three years and during this it has taken many decisions in favour of public, specially the farmers, poor and farm
On this occasion CM Bhupesh Baghel said that the party’s election manifesto was prepared under leadership of party leader Rahul Gandhi. In order to know people’s expectations, the party’s general secretary in-Charge PL Punia himself conducts tour of the state and as state in-Charge he has been touring almost all parts of state. This party’s manifesto was prepared under chairmanship of State’s Health Minister TS Singhdeo prior to last elections.
Baghel further said that as per Rahul Gandhi’s intention, a major decision was taken to waive off loan and interest factor on farmers of the state and by this around 9000 crore worth of loan to about 19 lakh farmers was waived off. He informed that the Chhattisgarh government not only made a beginning of paying MSP of Rs 2500 per quintal to farmers in state and later the central government created hindrances in it and it was here that the state govt intoduced Rajiv Gandhi Kissan Nyay Yojana. He said that despite obstacles by central government, the Chhattisgarh government, the party made purchase of paddy on MSP as per its promise in the election manifesto. Around 19 lakh farmers were paid total of Rs 5608 cr for Khariff Marketing year 2019-20 for paddy purchase on MSP and this amount was transferred directly into farmers account. In the same way in the year 2020-21, 22 lakh farmers were paid Rs 5700 cr for paddy and other crops and out of this first installment of Rs 1500 cr was deposited into farmer’s account. Baghel informed that his government expanded RGKNY and under this for Khariff-2021, apart from paddy purchase, a subsidy of Rs 9000 per acre will be given to farmers taking up crops like sugarcane, ‘makka’, ‘soyabean’ and ‘Kodo-kutki’ and likewise other benefits were also announced for plantation and crop rotation and others.
CM Baghel also informed about benefits being passed onto the beneficiaries under MGNREGS, Godhan Nyay Yojana, ‘Gouthans’, cow-dung purchase, ‘Nyay Yojana’ for landless farm labourers, forest people collectingi tendupatta for benefits to tribals and scores of other public welfare policies as per party’s election manifesto. The government main emphasis is to raise standard of the farmers, poor, farm labourers, tribals and provide better health services and others to rural poor. Expressing consent on Randeep Singh Surjewala’s suggestion he said that apart from expanding health services in rural areas with help of government efforts, help of private sector too will be taken.
Bhupesh Baghel also apprised the Committee that the state government has to take Rs 2600 cr from the central government and failing to get this fund, they are finding it hard to take up other welfare and development works in the state. But the state government using its own resources is making all efforts to continue the same and has achieved significant records in many fields viz. MGNREGS, paddy purchase, forest produce collection, issuing of ‘Van Adhikar patta’, and other facilities to rural poor, apart from opening of Swamy Atmanand English Medium School for rural students.
Samiti President Jairam Ramesh hailed the works and achievements of Chhattisgarh government under leadership of CM Bhupesh Baghel and said that the party stand firm and tall with Baghel and his policies and the way Chhattisgarh government is working is the model worth adopting by other in the country. Surjewala also praised the public welfare works of Baghel’s government in the state and said that it is model for the country.
On this occasion PCC Chief Mohan Markam said that out of 36 promises made by the Baghel government in the election manifesto, 24 have been completed and created a record in itself and by doing so CM Baghel has become role model for entire country. He said that PCC is working to take up Baghel’s achievements to masses, so that the party’s forms its government next time as well.

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