Workshop on ‘Way Toward Happiness Through Co-existential Living’ held

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Raipur, Jul 04:

National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Humanities & Social Sciences organized a valedictory and feedback session, on 4th July 2023, successfully concluding the workshop themed ‘Way Toward Happiness Through Co-existential Living’. Dr. NV Ramana Rao, Director, NIT Raipur presided over the session as the Chief Guest. Dr. Samir Bajpai, Head, Career Development Centre was the Special Guest for the session. Dr. Bajpai, in his address, shared his views on how Value Education was started in NIT Raipur, in which students of NIT Raipur went to Achhoti for 5 years and got benefited from the camp at Abhyudaya Sansthan, Achhoti.

Dr. Heena Chavda, Faculty, value education and psychological Counsellor summarized the important of universal human values explained in this program for ten days to the people present in the meeting. For example, due to lack of proper understanding of universal human values, human self and family relationship, one remains unhappy, and not with facilities; money gives convenience and not happiness. To be happy, it is necessary to develop mutual coordination, Right understanding in the self and family and trust will increase only by certain conduct. Why are we living? and what is the way to live a right life?, is the first necessity to develop Right understanding, etc. She Threw light on some important sutras of A. Nagraj like “If there is mistake then there is no understanding and if there is understanding then there is no mistake”,”Anger is the manifestation of one’s incapacity” etc. In the end, She described in detail the various activities the students are conducting in the consciousness development based value education taken by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. All the Activities can be seen on youtube channel “value education nit raipur”. After this, some participants expressed their views on what they learned from this ten-day happiness workshop and expressed their wish that such workshops should continue.

Dr. NV Ramana Rao enlightened the criticality of value education. He expatiated the role of mental health and happiness and its impact on our work rate, addressing how holistic education is stressed and distinctly mentioned in the National Education Policy (2020). He gave invaluable advice for leading a healthy life weighing on certain qualities such as patience, support, truthfulness, honesty, etc. stating the vitality of a healthy mind and body.

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