Work is being done on priority for rural development: Umesh Patel

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Kharsia, Sep 13: Higher Education Minister Umesh Patel reached out to the people of different villages of Kharsia development block. During this, he inaugurated works worth 85.20 and performed Bhoomi Pujan.
Higher Education Minister, Umesh Patel while addressing the villagers during public relations in the villages said that a large population of Chhattisgarh resides in villages. The government is formulating schemes to strengthen the rural economy. The government has started many schemes on priority for the people living in the village, along with providing them the means of livelihood according to their needs. Work is being done keeping in mind the development of everyone, including farmers, labourers and tribal families.
Through the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana, paddy and other crops got a higher price. The main source of livelihood of the residents of tribal areas, the prices of forest produce were also increased by expanding the scope of purchase in support price. The forest dwellers are getting the benefit of this. The government has also started a scheme for landless labourers. Under which landless labour families are going to get Rs 6000 annual assistance from this financial year. Along with this, work is also being done on a large scale in the direction of expansion of health facilities, eradication of malnutrition.
Higher Education Minister Patel said that according to the rural needs infrastructural development works are also being done expeditiously. He said that opening of colleges at Chaple and Kusmura has strengthened higher education in the region. The youth are getting the facility of education near their home. This has improved the standard of education. He said that there is direct communication with the citizens through public relations. This gives an opportunity to know their demands and problems. This helps in planning the future development work. During this, he became aware of the problems of various villagers and instructed the concerned officers to solve them soon.
On the occasion Higher Education Minister Patel announced construction of 400 meter CC road in village Amapali, community hall at Kukrijharia and pandal in Khairpali. District Panchayat President Nirakar Patel, District Panchayat Member Awadh Ram Patel, President Janpad Panchayat, Kharsia Mehtar Oraon, Vice President, Janpad Panchayat Kharsia, Kanhaiya Lal Patel, Member Janpad Panchayat, Rohit Kumar Patel, Sarpanch Phulbandia Mrs. Dilip Kunwar Sidar, Deputy Sarpanch, Krishna Kumar Patel, Sarpanch, Khairpali, Mrs. Harimati Agaria, Deputy Sarpanch Jeevdhan Prasad Patel, Abhay Mahanti, Netranand Patel, Rupendra Sharma along with public representatives and a large number of villagers were present.
These works were inaugurated and Bhumi pujan was done by State Higher Education Minister by Mr Patel. He inaugurated Anganwadi building in village Khairpali and community building of 6.5 lakhs in village Phoolbandia, sub-health center building costing Rs 6.5 lakh, common service center building of Rs 3 lakh, liquid and solid waste material building Rs 2 lakh, library setup of Rs 2 lakh in secondary school, water tank construction costing Rs 2 lakh in Mohalla, Construction of water tank costing Rs 2 lakh, Community building, CC road construction costing Rs 03 lakh, drain construction of Rs 9 lakh and Bhoomipujan of street light installation work at a cost of Rs 2 lakh.

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