What is YouTube’s membership program, How can earn money from it?

YouTube Membership Program: YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for content creators to share their videos with the world. In addition to advertising revenue, YouTube offers various monetization options including membership programs. With this, program creators can earn money through recurring monthly payments from their dedicated fans base.

What is youtube membership program?

The YouTube Membership Program is a facility through which content creators provide exclusive benefits to their subscribers in exchange for a monthly fee. These often include special badges, custom emoji, members-only live chat, exclusive videos and early access to content. The program aims to foster closer connections between creators and their most devoted fans by providing a more personalized experience.

Eligibility and Requirements

The YouTube Membership Program requires creators to meet certain standards set by YouTube. These requirements typically include having at least 30,000 subscribers, being a member of the YouTube Partner Program, and following YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Policies.

Membership Program Enrollment

Once a creator meets the eligibility standards, they can apply for the Membership Program through their YouTube Studio dashboard. YouTube will review channel content to ensure that it meets their guidelines. If approved, creators can begin setting their membership levels and perks.

Establish membership levels and features

Creators can offer multiple levels of membership, each with its own cost and set of perks. These features can be customized according to the interest of the creators and the preferences of the audience. For example, a gaming channel may provide access to special in-game items or private gaming sessions. Creators can experiment with different features to engage their audience and provide value to their members.

promote membership

To get the most out of a membership program, creators need to actively promote their membership levels. They can showcase benefits in their videos, create dedicated membership videos, or include membership information in their video descriptions. Additionally, creators can engage with their members by replying to comments, hosting live streams, and creating members-only content.

make money with membership

Creators receive a portion of the monthly membership fees paid by their subscribers. The revenue share depends on the location of the creators and the membership price. Typically, YouTube takes a percentage of the revenue, while creators are paid the rest. The exact revenue share details can be found on YouTube’s official website.


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