‘Village yet to see start of devp works’

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Pandaria, Oct 18: The village Bijabhata, located the tail-end of Pandaria block is literally waiting for development works to take place. Being located on border of Mungeli and Pandaria block, this village has been facing negligence over the last few years. But the youths from the village decided to change the face of the village and by forming Yuwa Samiti are hell-bent on changing the image of village.
The youths of village forming ‘Yuwa Siddhi Vinayak Yuwa Samiti’ are now into social works and apart from indulging in cleaning and sanitation in the village, have also carried out construction of ‘platform’/ ‘Choultry’ and other public convenience related works.
Apart from this the youths of this Samiti are involved in carrying out public awareness among the villagers and recently they cleared encroachment in around 14 acre land in the village and in this they have plans to carry out plantation and other activities.
In this Samiti, the main person is President Himanshu Singh Thakur, convener is Sanjay Singh,akash Singh, Ravi, Govardhan, Subhash, Kamta, Mahendra, Keshav and about dozen others who are involved in all such works.
President of Samiti Himanshu Singh Thakur informed that being located at the tail-end of the block, Bijabhata is still deprived of many development related works. Apart from this the village is also lagging behind in the field of education, health and others.
So in order to create awareness among people, a Samiti has been formed for development works in the village and in this they are receiving assistance of all from the village. Himanshu informed that the local administration and government too is paying equal attention towards their problems.
Plantation work in progress:
Members of Samiti informed that in order to create awareness among villagers, they are carrying out plantation works for last four years in the village and so far this Village Samiti has planted around 500 saplings. and it has been kept safe by installing tree-guard around it.

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