Use of modern tools for profitable farming is the need of the hour: Dr. Patil

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Raipur, Mar 19: A one-day technical and instrument demonstration fair was held on Tuesday at Indira Gandhi Agricultural University campus. Technical and Equipment Demonstration Fair demonstrated the technical and working practices of agricultural implements and equipment used for plowing the fields from harvesting to sowing of crops.
In this fair, farmers from Raipur and nearby districts visited and viewed the technical and working method of various agricultural implements and equipment developed by Indira Gandhi Agricultural University. The aim of the fair was to promote the use of machinery in agriculture and to motivate farmers for its use. The fair was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Dr. S.K. Patil. On this occasion, he said that the availability of human labour in the field of agriculture is continuously decreasing and the use of livestock and energy efficient devices is increasing. This is the need of the hour. Farmer brothers can get more benefits by using modern tools and technology in farming. He said that under the Narva, Garuva, Ghurwa, Bari scheme run by the Government of Chhattisgarh, a lot of good work is being done for the conservation and promotion of the ‘Gauvansh’. This will promote the use of pastoral instruments. It is worth noting that the Technical and Equipment Demonstration Fair was organized jointly by various All India Coordinated Research Projects – field equipment and instruments, animal energy use, post harvest engineering and technology and irrigation water management projects conducted by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research.
In this fair, agricultural implements used in the preparation of farming, such as harrows, rotavators, various types of plows, risers, power tillers, various seed drills and planters used in the sowing of seeds and plants, agricultural implements such as weeders, used in Nindai-Gudai Padlars, mulchers and equipment used in harvesting and threshing crops – harvesters, reapers, threshers etc. were demonstrated.
Along with this, various types of irrigation pumps used for irrigation of fields were also displayed. Equipment used for the processing of crops was also kept in the fair, including corn and peanut extractor. Many new developed instruments were also displayed at the fair this time. Dr. R.K. Bajpai, Director Research, Indira Gandhi Agricultural University, organised the function. Director Extension Dr. S.C. Mukherjee and Swami Vivekananda, the founder of the College of Agricultural Engineering, Dr. M.P. Tripathi also addressed.

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