Two arrested in few looting incidents on Tilda-Newara area

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Raipur, Aug 22: In case of looters involved in looting public mid-way in Tilda-Newara road, which is about 30 kms from capital city, the police has nabbed two accused involved and seized one feet long two country weapon (Khanjar), two mobile phones, stolen Activa and one Scooty vehicle from their possession. Both the accused are close friends and are resident of Raipur.
As per reports in this regard, the police nabbed one Gajendra Sahu (28) and Roshan Verma (24) and both are resident of Khamtarai and Urukura area. Two years back they started with small thefts and the police is having their records with them. So both decided to move out of Raipur and do theft and looting in the outskirts and to people moving on the roads in vehicles. The two wanted to created a terror in the outer areas that none would even think of interfering and starts fearing while passing from that route. It was last on Aug 18, Gajendra left to meet his maternal uncle and at that time Roshan accompanied him. While returning to Raipur, they stopped Pankaj Tihaliyani coming in his Activa from Sindhi Camp and snatched his Activa vehicle showing a big knife and ran away. From here they reached Kota area and finding Durgesh Sahu running a chicken shop alone, looted him of Rs 120 and his mobile. Later they looted Manoj Sahu running a grocery shop near Shourya Sponge Plant in Industrial area in Raipur and looted him of his keypad mobile, silver locket and one ‘peetal’ ring.
Since these two were earlier involved in small and petty crime near Tilda and outskirts of Raipur, the police was having information about them. After the theft, Gajendra was seen moving around in the stolen Aactiva in one CCTV footage and based upon the location he was nabbed and at that time he informed about his friend Roshan, who was arrested from Khamtarai area. Both were interrogated in the thana and both accepted their crime and after being produced in the court, were sent to jail.

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