Three gates of Minimata Hasdeo Bango Dam were opened

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Raipur, Sep 18: Three gates of Minimata Bango Dam at Machadoli in Korba district were opened this afternoon. The water level of the dam is rising rapidly due to the continuous rain for three days. To keep the water level safe, about 15 thousand cusecs of water was released into the river by opening three gates of the dam. The release of water from the dam had already been given in low-lying areas and villages along the river banks.
Nine thousand cusecs of water from the dam is also being supplied continuously to the hydro power plant. About 24 thousand cusecs of water from the dam has been released into the river this afternoon, including the water supply in the hydroelectric plant by opening three gates. This water is likely to reach Hasdeo Barrage by late night. Already the water is being released on the river by opening two gates of the Darri barrage. Minimata Bango Dam Project Executive Engineer Mr. Keshav Kumar informed that Minimata Bango Dam of the district has been filled with water due to continuous rain for three days in the current monsoon season. The water level of the dam is also rising rapidly due to the intermittent rains in the catchment area of the dam. The water level of the dam is only about one and a half meters from its maximum point. The maximum water level of the dam is 359.66 meters and at present the dam is filled with water up to 358.30 meters. In view of the situation of waterlogging in the dam, three gates of the dam have been opened on September 16 at 3.15 pm. By opening all the three gates of the dam, 14 thousand 929 cusecs of water is being released into the river.
Information has already been issued by the administration to move to other safe places for the safety of the people living in the lower areas of the dam and on the banks of the river. People have also been informed to move to safer places by conducting Munadis in the affected villages and populations. The administration is maintaining surveillance in the waterlogged areas.

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