Three day annual techno-cultural fest ‘AmiSpark 2023’ concludes

At Amity University

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Raipur, May 13: Amity University Chhattisgarh’s annual ‘Amispark-2023’ a mega Techno-cultural Festival came to end in a grand and pompous show on, May 11, at Raipur’s Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Auditorium after three days of events. On the last day, students from the Amity University and other Universities in the State competed in a variety of events. The students from various Universities presented a spirited effort to showcase their creative and cultural selves by revealing their latent abilities at the festival.

Scintillating events such as Amivibe (singing), Heat Wave (dancing), a fashion show, and a performance by the band Rhythm Plus were a few of the highlights of the closing ceremony. A fantastic live band performance by renowned guest artist, Bollywood playback singer from Mumbai, Abhinav Shekhar was also arranged for later that evening, and the students had a blast dancing and singing along.

The student participation in the program was very enthusiastic in a wide range of activities, including the Amity Battleground Series, Clue-Minati, Comedy Sutra, Corporate Roadies, Nakabposh, Drain Your Brain, Ek Jut, Abhikalp, Fashion Show, Funathlon, Gaze the Maze, Face off Royale, Rhythh Riot, Heatwaves, Dance Drama the D-D Show, Lex Clip, The Rope Warriors, Mobile Photography, Munch Ka MuQadar, Digital Photography etc.

In the category of solo dancing, Satyam Jaal came out on top. With their performance to “Koi Mil Gaya,” Dipti Choudhary, Rohan Mandhani, Tushar Gurubakshani, Mahek Goyal, Kunal Isswani, Palak Goyal, Kashvi Jain, and Vaishnavi Soni took home first place in the group dance category. Mandeep Kaur won the solo singing competition, and Mc Flu won the rap competition. Bandish the Band won the Battle of Bands, and Siddhant Kumar Das took home first place in the Beatboxing category at the ‘AmiSpark 2023, which was supported by Avneet Foods, Ambience, Express Tracecom, and Sandwich Jn.

The Vice Chancellor of the Amity University, Prof. (Dr.) Piyush Kant Pandey expressed his delight that the cultural festival has greatly contributed to the students’ technical and artistic growth at Amity University and throughout the state’s academic institutions. On the final day, the students expressed their gratitude to the university administration for hosting such a successful event. The Deputy Pro-VC’s, Deans, Directors, Head of Institutions and numerous other administrators and faculty members were present on this mega occasion.

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