T20 format is casting a dark shadow over Test cricket, feels Chappell

New Delhi, Oct 10 (PTI): The legendary Ian Chappell believes the ever-growing T20 format is increasingly casting a dark shadow over Test cricket, especially in the current chaotic scenario in wake of COVID-19 pandemic.
Chappell said T20 has an edge over the traditional format because of the short duration of time needed for the completion of a game.
“There’s a T20 World Cup to be played in the UAE and then, after some spirited negotiations, hopefully a credible Ashes series in Australia. The difficult negotiations over the Ashes series were mostly brought about by the Covid pandemic, but more and more the T20 format is casting a dark shadow over Test cricket,” Chappel wrote in a column for ESPNcricinfo.
“T20 tournaments involving countries require only days to complete and therefore are far easier to negotiate in the current chaotic climate than a long Test series.
“Because of the short time-span involved, T20 is a game better suited than Test matches to countries that are not traditionally cricket-playing nations. Hence the involvement of tyros like Oman and Papua New Guinea in the upcoming T20 tournament.” The Australian great said the T20 format is more lucrative and alluring for players.
“The T20 format is also more lucrative and popular when compared with Test cricket in countries other than Australia and England. Considering most administrators are myopic when it comes to matters other than the bottom line, this is a critical point in any planning for the game’s future.

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