Sunny Deol’s bungalow will not be auctioned

The bank took back the notice, Jairam Ramesh said - it is surprising...

Sunny Deol is currently riding high on the success of Gadar 2. But there was a disturbance in this happiness when the news came that Bank of Baroda has given a notice to auction his Juhu villa.

However, the bank has now changed its mind and has withdrawn the actor’s villa from the auction. Earlier, Bank of Baroda had issued a notice mentioning the recovery of loan of Rs 55 crore and interest.

The auction was set on September 25 at a price of Rs 51.43 crore. Sunny Deol’s real name Ajay Singh Deol and his villa at Gandhi Gram Road in Juhu, Mumbai were also named in the auction notice.

On Monday, the bank issued another notice stating that the auction has been withdrawn due to technical reasons.


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