STTP on ‘Emerging Trends and Challenges in Biomechanics and Biomaterials’ held

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Raipur, Jul 26:

National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur’s Department of Biomedical Engineering organized an inauguration ceremony for a Short-Term Training Program (STTP) entitled ‘Emerging Trends and Challenges in Biomechanics and Biomaterials’ in virtual mode . Dr. NV Ramana Rao, Director, NIT Raipur was the Chief Patron with Dr. Prabhat Diwan, Dean (Research & Consultancy) and Dr. Subhojit Ghosh, Professor In-charge, Continuing Education Cell as Patrons for the inaugural.

Dr. NV Ramana Rao emphasized the potential of biomedical engineering especially in medical research after the COVID pandemic. He briefed about the training program and its benefit to the society and other researchers and doctors.  Dr. B. K. Singh introduced the 18 speakers who will give their lectures in this STTP, which shall be prove to be of vital importance in health services. Dr. N. Singh explained how the program will bring together leading experts, researchers, entrepreneurs and doctors from the field of biomechanics and biomaterials. He elaborated on how it will serve as a platform to facilitate exchange of knowledge and ideas, which will foster innovation and collaboration in enterprise. Dr. S. Ghosh encouraged the idea of conducting this training program annually and in physical mode so that the participants can gain invaluable hands-on experience and get a good feel of this field.

The training program aims to explore the cutting-edge advancements in the synthesis, surface modification, processing, treatment, characterization and tribological aspects of Biomaterials, and highlighting the advancements in the field of Biomechanics; with the objective of imparting knowledge and providing comprehensive training to a diverse group of participants. Renowned experts from various organizations are set to deliver lectures during the program. It will also include the accurate simulation of physiological phenomena occurring in the human musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and dental systems using advanced computational tools. Several vital and relevant topics like Bio-Tribology, Bio-Polymers, Bio-Corrosion, Dental Biomechanics, Solid Modelling and FEA, and Sports Biomechanics are to be covered in this program.

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