Stop weighing yourself, Start measuring your body fat

Are you someone trying to lose weight? The first thing most people do when they start their journey to weight loss is to weigh themselves. If you’re trying to lose weight, then you need to stop weighing yourself and start measuring your body fat. Now, this is a better way to assess how well you are responding to the changes you have made to your diet or lifestyle.

Why Weighing Isn’t The Best For Weight Loss?
According to the American Heart Association, even the amount of salt you consume can affect your weight. From the day you weigh yourself to the occurrence of your period, everything can affect your weight. Considering all this, it is not the smartest idea to let a number deviate you from your goal or demotivate you. Here are some reasons why ditching the weighing scale is good for your mental and physical health.
1. Distracts You From Your Body’s Internal Cues
2. Creates Mental Barriers
3. It Can Become Obsessive
4. Poor Indicator Of Health
How To Measure Body Fat?
Studies suggest that some overweight people are healthy, while those with normal weight are unhealthy. It all depends on what your weight is comprised of. Body fat percentage tells you exactly that and helps you determine the per cent of your total body weight that is fat and the part that is lean muscle mass.While there are several ways to measure body fat, a tape measure is one of the easiest ways to do it, but it is not always the most accurate. It is always a better idea to get it measured by a professional. For this method, take a soft tape measure to record measurements of different types of the body. It is recommended that a man should subtract his neck value from the abdomen value and a woman should add your waist and hip measurements and then subtract the neck measurement to determine your circumference value. Take the measurements and plug the numbers into an online calculator to know your body fat percentage.

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