Shop lifter woman arrested

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Raipur, Oct 02: Capital police on Sunday arrested a woman shop lifter and thus solved two cases of thefts reported in separate police stations.
According to police an unidentified woman was complained in Gole Bazaar police about lifting of Rs 27000 from a sweets shop named Chhappan Bhog situated in Jawahar Market on the afternoon of September 13. According the complaint Vipul Shah, the unidentified woman had come to his shop shopping for various snacks. Since no employee was present in shop at that time on the day, Vipul himself started sorting out the desired snacks. Taking advantage of him being busy, the woman suddenly asked him to collect all the items and prepare the bill by the time she purchases some vegetables. Saying so, the woman moved out of the shop and went away in her bike. When she did not return for a long time, Vipual felt suspicious and checked his cash counter where he found his wallet containing Rs 27000 missing.
The theft was later booked under Section 379 IPC against the absconding unidentified woman. Earlier on September 7, a woman had arrived at a beauty parlour in Saddani Chowk locality along with her sister and they both asked the owner of giving them facial massage. The owner then asked them to remove their ornaments in their respective wallets and keep them on the sofa. While the shop owner was busy in serving her clients, an unidentified woman arrived there and sat upon the sofa with her face covered behind a scarf. Within few minutes the woman moved out of the parlour and so were gone the wallets of both the earlier customers. One of the wallets contained Rs 30000 and the other one contained couple of gold ornaments. The theft was soon complained in Kotwali police station where an offence was registered under Section 379 IPC.
Repeated cases of similar nature led police to launch a massive search for tracing the absconding woman and they ultimately on Sunday succeeded in tracing her from Tikrapara locality. The woman was immediately brought to police station where police recovered cash Rs 25000 and all the lifted gold ornaments.
Identified as Ekta Shukla of Santoshi Nagar in Tikrapara, police is now interrogating her further anticipating more such crimes.

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