‘Scoliosis is not life threatening, but it is life altering’

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Mumbai, Sep 27: Stuti Daga, is a 17 year old student from Mumbai who has been working tirelessly towards her dream of making Scoliosis a known condition. Scoliosis is the sideways curvature of the spine and is a very common condition amongst adolescents. However, very often the condition remains undiagnosed and untreated. Stuti was just 12 years old when she got diagnosed. Due to scoliosis she had to bury her dreams of being a competitive swimmer. Her pain and suffering as a young girl has translated into dedication and motivation towards raising awareness about this condition.
In her words “Scoliosis is not life threatening, but it is life altering”. She doesn’t want anyone to experience the pain and suffering she had to endure due to a late diagnosis of her Scoliosis curve. With this aim in mind, she has developed the Self Diagnostic Scoliosis Pamphlet. This is a three- fold pamphlet published in English, Hindi, Gujrati, Marathi, and Bengali to help explain what scoliosis is and how a parent or guardian can diagnose their child.
A simple home administered test, not requiring any equipment, can be carried out by parents and guardians in order to diagnose a child’s scoliosis. The symptoms and signs are easily visible and the pamphlet provides parents and guardians with all essential information regarding the test. Furthermore, it also gives the parents and guardians an outline of the signs and symptoms and the next step forward if they have even the slightest doubt about their child’s spine.
Stuti believes that no child should have to suffer with the extreme pain and discomfort that is felt due to scoliosis. – repeated
She wants to ensure that each and every child’s quality of life is improved by being able to get the right diagnosis for their back pain, and
receiving adequate

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