Plastic waste, garbage dumping affecting Raipur’s image!

 Clogged drains brings into open tall claims of RMC

By Anti Debnath

Raipur,  Jul 31: In an alarming environment concern, Raipur is facing a serious environmental and health problem as the unchecked dumping of plastic waste and garbage into its drains worsens over time. The indiscriminate disposal of plastic waste and garbage has raised red flags among environmentalists and residents alike, posting severe threats to the city’s ecosystem and public health. The careless dumping of rubbish has caused a slew of issues, negatively hurting local people and posing substantial environmental risks.

The rainwater overflows down through the city streets and the littered drains act as obstacles and prevent the natural flow of stale or rain-water. Accumulated plastic waste creates blockages that lead to stagnation and water logging in several places. This results in flooding and disrupts daily life, inconveniences commuters and endangers pedestrians. Furthermore, waterlogged streets become a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitoes, increasing of various diseases throughout the city.

According to Pawan Thawani, a street food stall owner near Pachpedi Naka, said that many of the stalls does not provide a dustbin for throwing of the waste which leads to customers throwing plastics on the roadside and it finally goes to the nearby drains which disturbs the natural flow of water, causing water logging and the water ends up on the roads making harder for the commuters and pedestrians to navigate through the roadways.

He also stated that people avoid coming out during heavy rains because of the flooding, which has a negative impact on their business. There should be enforcement of anti-littering laws and implement if fines for improper waste disposal. As a citizen, we can make a difference as citizens by limiting our use of plastic, encouraging eco-friendly alternatives, and actively engaging in clean-up efforts. Education and awareness programs are critical for instilling in the people a sense of duty and environmental consciousness.

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