PHE Minister Guru Rudra Kumar participates in Parameshwari Festival

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Raipur, Jan 30: State Health Engineering and Village Industries Minister Guru Rudrakumar participated in the Parmeshwari Festival of Dewangan Samaj held at Bhilai-3. He also inaugurated the community building of Dewangan community during the Parmeshwari festival. On this occasion, Minister Guru Rudrakumar said that the state government is working for economic development while saving the cultural prosperity of Chhattisgarh.
Along with economic development, we are also working to save our cultural heritage. Rural economy has been strengthened by plans for rural development. Due to this, the rural economy has a positive impact on the urban economy as well and the path of economic progress has been opened for citizens of all classes. Minister Guru Rudrakumar said that through the Narva, Garwa, Ghurwa and Bari scheme in rural areas, the doors of economic growth have opened. Plans are being made to supply water from house to house through the Minimata Scheme and through the schemes of Public Health Engineering Department.
We are committed to provide pure drinking water to all people and are working continuously in this direction. With this, a new base of economy has been established in the rural sector through the Godhan scheme. Public Health Engineering and Village Industries Minister said on the occasion that due to agriculture related schemes of the state government, the farmer has returned to farming.
The record paddy purchase this time shows that the trend of farmers towards agriculture has increased significantly. Chhattisgarh is a rice bowl. Returning trend towards agriculture will strengthen the rural economy and a strong rural economy is the foundation of a strong urban economy. On this occasion, Mayor of Bhilai Charoda Municipal Corporation, Mrs. Chandrakanta Mandalay, Chairman Mr. Vijay Jain, Councilor Mr. Rajesh Dandekar, Mr. Heera Verma, Durg District Dewangan Samaj President Mr. Puranik Dewangan and large number of people of Dewangan community were present.

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