‘Pakistan in distress ever since it partitioned from India’

Hyderabad, Feb 25 (PTI):
Advocating the need for”Akhand Bharat” (undivided India), RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Thursday said countries such as Pakistan which broke away from India are now in distress. Speaking at a book launch here, Bhagwat said “Akhand Bharat” is possible through “Hindu Dharma” but not through force.
“There is a need to make glorious”Akhand Bharat”for the welfare of the universe.That’s why there is a need to awaken patriotism….as truncated India has a need to be united (once again), all the divided parts of India which no longer call themselves as India, they need more,” he said. Stressing that the concept of”Akhand Bharat” is possible,Bhagwat said some people had expressed serious doubts before the partition of the country whether it would be divided, but it happened. “If you ask six months before the partition of this country, nobody would have guessed.People asked Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru that there was a new topic coming up about the formation of Pakistan.” “What is it? (Replying to that) he said that it (the partition) was a dream of fools,” the RSS chief said.
According to him, Lord Wavell (during British rule) also said in British Parliament that God has made India one and who is going to divide it.
“But ultimately it (partition) happened.What seemed to be impossible happened, so it cannot be ruled out that “Akhand Bharat” which may seem to be impossible, will not happen..because, there is a need for Akhand Bharat,” he said. Bhagwat said separated regions of India which don’t call themselves as Bharat any longer, for them it is much more a necessity of reuniting with “Bharat”. According to him, there is unhappiness in the terrains of “Akhand Bharat” which now do not call themselves as Bharat.
“There is unhappiness.They did all they could, but did not find any remedy.And remedy is only one which is reunification (with Bharat) and all their problems will get resolved.”
“We talk of uniting them, not to suppress them.When we talk of “Akhand Bharat” our intention is not with power (to achieve it) but to unite through dharma which is ‘Sanatan’ (eternal) which is humanity’s dharma and of the entire world and now it is called as Hindu dharma,” the RSS chief said.
With “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (world is one family) belief, India can again offer happiness and peace to the world, he added.

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