One denied by his own party, do not hold right to comment about others: CM

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Raipur, Sep 20: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel commenting upon the statement by former CM Dr Raman Singh said that one should not be in the habit of interfering in other family’s matter and added that the person to whom the owns party people have turned down, just do not hold the right to comment about the other party and its activities. In the next elections, both former CM Raman Singh and his son Abhishekh Singh are not going to get the party ticket, he alleged.
Actually on departure of Health Minister TS Singh Deo to Delhi to attend some personal programme, once against all sorts of statements are being made. Dr Raman’s statement too came in the same context.
On the other, when the media raised this question to CM Baghel he recalled old days saying that when he used to talk to media then Raman Singh used to say that he (Baghel) talks to media after waking up and getting ready and has no other works. So what Raman used to say for him in those days is exactly applicable for him now, as he is not having any work.
Baghel further said that the BJP state in-Charge Purandeswari has already commented that he (Raman) is not the party CM’s face. After this Raman had commented that there are many faces for the post of CM and out of which he is one of them and to this also Purandeswari has denied. Baghel said that he feels utterly disappointed that a he(Raman Singh) served as CM for 15 years in the state and we even consider him as leader even today, but what is ironic is that his party people itself do not accept him as leader. So in such conditions, there is simply no point talking about him, Baghel added.
To another statement by Raman Singh, CM said that he should not make ‘castles in the air’ and instead should see his own position and that of his party, rather than looking into some other party and its activities. It was on Monday morning, ex-CM Raman Singh had given a statement one sharing of two & half years term in the Congress government in the state.

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