NIT Raipur organized an Induction Program for newly admitted students

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Raipur, Sept 13:

National Institute of Technology, Raipur, organized an Induction Training Program on Wednesday at the prestigious Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Auditorium. The event aimed to welcome and introduce the newly admitted B. Tech. and B. Arch. students to the institute’s culture, academic structure, and various clubs and committees.

Dr Rao delivered an inspiring speech congratulating the students on their admission to NIT Raipur. He encouraged them to become ambassadors of the institution and shared valuable words of wisdom. He stressed the importance of humility, thirst for knowledge, adaptability, and passion in the pursuit of success. He emphasized hard work, innovative thinking, and meeting deadlines as essential elements of achievement.

Dr. Shrish Verma emphasized the importance of learning. He provided insights into the academic structure, governance, and various academic programs offered at NIT Raipur.

Dr. Subhojit Ghosh explained the examination process, grading system, and the calculation of SPI (Semester Performance Index) and CPI (Cumulative Performance Index). He also discussed the regulation of unfair means in examinations.

Dr. Nitin Jain highlighted the three prime objectives for students: acquiring a degree, securing placement, and enjoying a fulfilling student life.

Dr. Samir Bajpai discussed the Career Development Cell (CDC) and its role in helping students plan their careers. He emphasized the importance of career planning, networking with alumni, conducting SWOT analysis, and developing both hard and soft skills.

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