NIT Nagaland Students visit Sirpur under “Yuva Sangam”

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Raipur, Jun 17:

Students from NIT Nagaland on Saturday visit Sirpur, a historical village and landmark in the Mahasamund district under Yuva Sangam campaign. A tourist guide accompanied the group, explaining the fine historical details and features of the place. The visit started at the famous Laxman temple, a remarkable structure dating back to the 7th century and dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This east-facing temple adheres to the “Vastu Shastra” and showcased impressive craftsmanship. Inscriptions and idols of various Hindu Deities and Avatars helped the group learn more about Hinduism and its eternal ideals.

Continuing their journey, the delegation visited “Buddha Vihar”, an ancient Buddhist temple and monastery. It featured iron inscriptions depicting tales from the “Panchatantra”, “Jathak Katha”, and other Indian epic stories. The temple’s ancient water storage system and airflow system are a testament to its advanced architectural knowledge.  The sight of the 6.5-foot Lord Buddha idol and the structure of Amrapali, a lecherous woman transformed by seeking refuge in Buddha, was moving.

The trip concluded with a visit to “Surang Tila”, a temple constructed in the distinguished “Panchayatana” style of Architecture. The group was enlightened about the tantric rituals practiced there and how the temple’s design adhered to Indian Vedic Sciences and Vastu Shastra principles, as practiced by the great “Vishwakarma” Clan Architects, Sculptors, and Blacksmiths.

The delegation left with a deep appreciation and novel information about Indian heritage and architecture.

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