Lemru Project is permanent solution to end Human Elephant conflict: Sai

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, Aug 07: Chhattisgarh Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Vishnu Deo Sai on Saturday said that Centre-sponsored Lemru Elephant Corridor Project should be started immediately for the permanent solution of Human Elephant conflict in Sarguja region.
Sai made the above statement while addressing a press conference here. He said that the above suggestions are being made on the basis of the probe report of the party for the redressal to the problems related with Human Elephant conflict in the Sarguja region. Claiming the efforts being made by the state government on the issue to be just a temporary measure, the State BJP President said that immediate efforts to start the Lemru Project would be lead to permanent solution to the conflict.
He further stated that the Rehabilitation Model for the Corridor should be in accordance to the public expectations and added that the state government should win the confidence of people before starting the Project in tribal-dominated region. He suggested that the movement of Elephants could be checked by constructing Elephant-friend Wall on ten spots from Pent (Tarai) to Ghatol (Pathar) in the region which is worst affected.
He stated that Camp Offices should also be started in major affected area keeping in view the security standards and added that immediate steps should be taken towards redressal of people’s grievances to lift the confidence of villagers.
He also suggested that Elephant affected villagers should also be given employment in Forest Department and added that the compensation should also be increased.

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