It is our responsibility to protect the constitutional rights of citizens: CM

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Raipur, Jan 26: After unfurling tricolor at Lal Bagh ground in Bastar Divisional Headquarters Jagdalpur on the occasion of Republic Day, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel addressed the people of the state saying that it is our responsibility to protect the constitutional rights of citizens in the state and maintain the unity and integrity of the country. Our Government will stand by every section of the society through every thick and thin.
Our constitution is the biggest protector of farmers, villagers and general public, but if any new law comes in the way of this system then it is the responsibility of the state government to deal with a challenge like that. And we have fulfilled this responsibility by introducing Chhattisgarh Agricultural Produce Market (Amendment) Bill. I say this once again that we will always be ready to overcome the obstacles that come in the way of protecting constitutional rights of the citizens, said Mr. Baghel.
Our government has taken major steps in last two years, especially in the interest of weaker sections of the society. We are ready to face every challenge to fulfill the promise of providing justice to the economically weaker sections along with farmers, villagers, and landless people.
CM remembered the martyrs and creators of the Constitution : On the auspicious occasion of Republic Day, Chief Minister warmly greeted the people of the state and said- “first of all, I salute great martyr Shaheed Gaindsingh, the hero of the Parlakot rebellion in Chhattisgarh, which had taken place before the first comprehensive revolution of 1857. Shaheed Gaindsingh had created public awareness against the oppression of British Government and the flames of this rebellion was further fanned by the revolutionaries like Veer Gundadhur and Shaheed Veeranarayan Singh. In this way, entire Chhattisgarh became an important part of the national freedom movement. I salute the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, all the heroes of that era and the unsung soldiers and many immortal martyrs who passionately fought for freedom of the country.
State Govt has taken major steps in larger interest of BPL families: Baghel said that our government has taken major steps in interest of BPL families in last two years. Considering the large number of BPL families in the state, we took up the challenge of bringing it down to the national average. In the same sequence, Puna Madakal Dantewada Programme was launched, which became the basis of innovation for rapid development in other such districts. This campaign resulted in 26% decrease in malnutrition rate in the span of 10 month. 500 acres of land has been earmarked for small industries. New employment opportunities have been generated. Four new factories have been started with the help of localites, who would launch the new brand ‘DanNext’ (Dantewada Next) in the national-level market.
Decision to purchase paddy on support price from forest rights holders: Chief Minister said that traditional forest dwellers and tribal people were disappointed due to the cancellation of forest rights claims. We reviewed the revoked claims and gave them big hope by duly giving them possession of the vast land. New measures for distribution of community forest rights certificates have turned out to be a success. Now we have decided to procure paddy from the forest rights holders at support price. I would like the tenant farmers to take full advantage of this initiative.
Ram Van Gaman tourism circuit will create new opportunities of devp : Chief Minister said that to preserve the legendary memoirs of Lord Ram from his visit to Chhattisgarh during exile, State Government is developing Ram Van Gaman tourism circuit. This would also create new means of development and livelihood for localites.

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