Illegally mined stones sold in large quantities

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Konta, Mar 15: After the sand mafia in Sukma district of Chhattisgarh, now the stone mafia is harming the environment with large scale illegal mining. Massive stone extraction and blasting are being carried out illegally in stone quarries located in Dhoomra, Ramaram and Gram Panchayat of Konta block in Sukma district,. due to which the residents face the music, many houses around have also been cracked. At the same time, the administration is also keeping silence on this subject.
According to sources, in Ramaram of Sukma district, Telangana state contractor Jetty Rama Rao and village panchayat Dhondra of Konta block-contractor Shailendra Singh Bhadauriya (Pramod Rathore) are selling large quantities of stones in stone mines. The stones are being broken by planting dynamites every 2-3 days irrespective of administrative rules and norms.
The permission is granted to run the quarry as a minor mineral only after fulfilling several necessary parameters including district administration, environmental NOC. Along with this, it is mandatory to follow the administrative guidelines. There is neither any kind of security in the ongoing illegal stone mines nor is there any fear of anything untoward. The administration too remains a spectacle with its mouth shut.
Neither the administration guidelines nor the standard norms are being followed. To run the mine, the entire area is being used without the safety and environment, which is bound to raise concern among the residents. Despite this, the district administration seems hesitant to take action in this regard. The situation is that everyday, large quantities of stones are being thrown open and the environment including governance and administration is being harmed.

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