Hatred towards farmers, OBC is BJP’s true face: Bhupesh

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Raipur, Sep 04:
CM Bhupesh Baghel along with other cabinet Ministers charged that there was no ‘Chitan’ in the ‘Chitan Shivir’ of BJP organised recently and alleged that discussions were mainly related to religious conversion, against the ruling Congress government, to target OBC category and against the state’s cabinet ministers. Few days back the BJP State in-charge has said that the biggest challenge for the party is CM Bhupesh Baghel being a farmer.
Addressing the media persons here at Rajiv Bhavan on Saturday commenting upon the statement made by BJP State in-Charge Purandeshwari that entire state government and its cabinet would be washed off if the BJP party workers even spit for a second, CM Bhupesh Baghel said that Chhattisgarh is land of ‘Maa Kaushilya’ and here there is due respect for members of fairer sex.
Today the biggest challenged for the BJP state in-Charge is the farmers of state and state’s cabinet Ministers. Clarifying upon the word ‘spitting’ by BJP state in-charge, CM Bhupesh Baghel said it means ‘hatred’ and this clearly specifies how much hatred the party has towards the people of the state. Congress is the government of and for the farmers, Baghel said and added that he is first a farmer and then CM of the state. So the very statement by BJP state in-charge is hatred against the farmers, OBCs and STs of the state and it is crystal clear to all. Purandeswari has not shown any hatred towards the party or its cabinet, but towards the farmers of the state.
‘This is sheer disrespect towards the farmers and towards the people of the state, as majority of population here is that of farmers’, Baghel said and added that we (those in Congress and cabinet) do not hold any feeling of hatred or violence. ‘This is land of Kabir and that of Swamy Atamanand. He charged that BJP is trying to spread feeling of hatred among the people of the state. Today on Friday, is the third day of the statement made by BJP State in-Charge and so far there is no regret or condemnation or for that matter an apology for the same. Baghel charged that not only BJP State in-Charge Purandeswari, but the party’s national unit too is against the farmers and the people of Chhattisgarh. So on the statement by BJP’s state in-Charge, the BJP in state should submit an apology, he added.
The other Ministers of state cabinet present in the conference were Ravindra Choubey, Premsai Singh Tekam, Shiv Kumar Daharia Mohammed Akbar and Kawasi Lakhma.

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