Half a dozen fraud occultists arrested

Raipur, Sept 13: Abhanpur police on Sunday night arrested six fraud occultists who since months have been siphoned money and grains from a farmer on pretext of treating hi ailing daughter.
According to police, complainant Gajendra Singh Chouhan had been suffering with his daughter’s persisting illness sine last few months. Taking advantage of his condition, fraud Jaykay Dhruv and five of his accomplices offered him assistance in completely curing his daughter’s illness through occultist mean.
Not suspecting the frauds, Chouhan agreed to avail their assistance and in the process they siphoned from him a sack of paddy and Rs 8000 cash. However, there was no improvement in Chouhan’s daughter but the frauds kept demanding more money and paddy. Ultimately Chouhan complained against them with police following an offence has been registered against all six named frauds under Section 410, 120 IPC and further investigation is now underway.

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