Guruji’s should respect for adult learners

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Raipur, Feb 26: Volunteer teachers should participate in the literacy classroom in adults’ happiness and sorrow. The teachers should protect their self-esteem and teach them literacy lessons with their knowledge and experience, giving them full respect and gaining their trust, said Assistant Director Mr. Prashant Pandey on the last day of the state-wide two-day orientation of the read-write campaign through the YouTube channel.
In the orientation, Dr. Manjit Kaur, a member of the State Center for Literature, gave detailed information on adult learning method and senior education consultant Satyaraj Iyer spoke on the topic of making education interesting through digital medium. The last day of orientation was launched with the state song “Arpa Pari Ke Dhar …. Mahanadi O Apar”. Reading and writing sessions was taken by Mr. Pandey on the first day, he spoke on the introduction of the campaign, the role of volunteer teachers and classroom operations as a review. Dr. Manjit Kaur said that special care should be taken that the learning patterns of children and adults are different. Since they do not go to school, they lose confidence in studying. Adults already have a wealth of knowledge. We have to clarify the content of literacy by knowing their knowledge and experience. To make the literacy classroom interesting, group work, enlightening films, discussion, case study (story), games, practice should be included.
Giving information on the use of digital medium for this campaign, senior education consultant Satyaraj Iyer said that they are working in the era of digital and technology. Covid-19 has befriended Mobile. Learners have to use more and more WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube through mobile. Where there is a network problem, the content should be downloaded in advance and exchanged through Bluetooth. Use the app for joyful learning. Use important education apps like pluckers, google speak app, google education, google letters etc. Less use of examinations or assignments in the classroom should be taken through the games and activities of the students. Assistant Director Mr. Dinesh Tank emphasized on creating an environment of learners in adult education. He said that lessons should be started in the classroom through folk songs and interactions with the learners. It may be known that on this occasion, the resource person of the District Literacy Mission Authority Raipur, Mr. Chunnilal Sharma, explained the role of volunteer teachers, and Central College of Education professor Dhara Yadav spoke on the topic of classroom operations. Project Advisor of State Literacy Mission Authority Nidhi Agarwal gave a powerpoint presentation on how to make class interesting, attractive and create environment. Mr. Sunil Rai informed about the process of registration. Project consultant Neha Shukla explained in detail the e-content included in the app, portal and YouTube. On this occasion, Mamta Shriwas, Mahesh Kumar Verma contributed to the team of State Literacy Mission Authority and Satish Sonkar provided technical support.

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