Fire breaks out in Tendupatta godown in Makdi

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Kanker, Mar 05: Tendupatta worth Rs 2 crore were gutted in fire when fire broke out in the godown where it was stored. The incident took place in Tendupatta godown in Makdi coming under Kanker district headquarters. The intensity of fire was so high that it could not be controlled till mid-night and fire-fighting vehicles from Kanker and Dhamtari had to be called to douse the fire.
It was on Thursday afternoon that fire broke out in the Tendupatta godown in Makdi. Seeing the flames coming out from the godown the forest employees informed about it to senior officers and Fire-brigade. On getting information the Fire-brigade reached immediately. But since the tendupatta was in its driest form therefore it spread like wild-fire and it was difficult for the local employees posted there to gain control over it. The fire-fighting team continued their efforts to douse fire for about six hours.
It is learnt that fire had first started from nearby farm and the spark from it reached inside the godown which caused fire in the tendupatta godown. It was after information the senior officers of the Forest Department also reached at the godown. CCF HD Badgaiyya informed that fire broke out in Godown No.3 of Makdi godown and there were 5,600 bags of Tendupatta stored here. OUut of which 1,100 bags of tendupatta was lifted by the traders after payment and remaining 4,500 bags of tendupatta were gutted in fire. It is expected to cost around Rs 2 crore, he added.
With fire assuming proportion, the fire-fighting vehicles from Balod, Dhamtari were also called and still by 7:00 in the evening the fire could not be controlled. It was somehow by late at night that the fire could be brought under control. CCF HD Badgaiyya informed that the cost of standard bag of tendupatta after its purchase and taking it to godown is Rs 4800 per bag and the total capacity of 10 godowns in Makdi is 1 lakh bags of tendupatta. The rest of the godowns are far-away and therefore the lot there is safe, he added.

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