Enthusiasm shown by traders community is the proof of our victory: Amar

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Raipur, Mar 05: Jai Vyapar Panel Chief Election Incharge Narendra Duggad, Assistant Election incharge Gargi Shankar Mishra, Jitendra Doshi, Vice President of Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce and Industries Rajendra Jaggi, Assistant Election incharge Mangelal Malu, Deepak Batwar, Vijay Sharma, Vikram Singhdeo and Parmanand Jain said that as part of the campaign of Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce and Industries Election 2021, the team of Jai Vyapar panel visited Abhanpur, Charama, Kanker and Dhamtari. Under the leadership of Jai Vyapar Panel Presidential candidate Amar Parwani, the team including State General Secretary candidate Ajay Bhasin met the traders and sought their support in the election. On this occasion, the team was strongly welcomed by local traders, including all the candidates, supporting the Jai Vyapar panel. State Presidential candidate Amar Parwani expressed his gratitude to all trade associates during this period and said that the enthusiasm of our colleagues is our strength and we are definitely going to win the election.
State Election incharge of Jai Vyapar Panel, Narendra Duggad said that the last three years of the Chamber’s tenure have been the worst so far, in which all the key officials, kept fighting among themselves due to their personal interest keeping aside the interest of traders community. The result of this is that today the credibility of the Chamber has gone down. Our senior workers have worked this prestigious business organisation with their blood sweat for the last 60 years but the outgoing officials have now become a burden on this institution. If all of us trading companions still do not wake up, this burden will increase further on the shoulders of the Chamber. Mr. Duggad said that during the terrible situation of Corona or the confusion of the GST provision or the demonetisation phase, Amar Parwani and Ajay Bhasin always stood by their team for business interest and worked to provide relief to them.

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