Dubelia Teli Sahu Samaj opposes inter-caste marriage: Dr Sahu

Raipur, Jul 22: The development program in Dubelia Teli Sahu society is expanding according to plans.  According to the present time the population of social members is very less.  This is a matter of brainstorming.
Even after clearly seeing the reason for the decrease in the population of the social members, all the members of the society keep watching blindly. member want to come forward to discuss this topic.
There is an urgent need to discuss this important topic with the office bearers of the youth cell from the eight blocks by holding an executive meeting.
In the society, due to strict rules and regulations, the social population is decreasing, the topic is worth considering.
Some rules should be made for the members making inter-caste relations so that the members of the society family do not go away from the society.
If the members who make inter-caste relations are free, then the social officers and members should also be free to take decisions according to the rules, if the requests of those members are requested politely, then by re-incorporating them into the society, there is a need for the development of the society.  By taking one lakh twenty one thousand rupees, give a receipt for the amount of social support, opines Dr Rashmi Sahu.
She questioned, how long will the Indians continue to drink the poison of inter-caste marriage.  We all Indians have been watching for centuries the condition and direction of those who do inter-caste marriages, the condition of those who do inter-caste marriages is more poisonous than poison.

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